Physician's Guide to Personal Finance

The Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance is the review book for the class you should have had in medical school.

This is an outline style review book, written for medical students, residents, and young staff physicians to teach them personal finance skills. Skip what you know, skim over what you want to review, and read the stuff you don’t know.

Section #1 – The Basics of Personal Finance, covers topics that are found in most personal finance books and provides the foundation on which the rest of the book is built. Topics include basic budgeting, setting up emergency funds, managing home mortgages, treating debt, and getting started in retirement savings.

Section #2 – The Residency Years, covers personal finance topics related specifically to the physician resident: the transition from medical school to residency, managing medical school loans, setting up your budget, how moonlighting fits into your personal finance, how to prepare financially for your first “real” job as a staff physician, and how to successfully transition to a staff physician.

Section #3 – The Young Staff Years, covers the transition into being a new staff physician with a larger income, more expectations of your time and money, retirement planning, and avoiding common staff physician money traps. A bonus chapter on part time work and job sharing is also included.

The Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance is available as a print book on in Kindle format.