Make the Most of Your Anesthesia Training

I know you cannot wait to complete your training and start working as an anesthetist.  You are counting down the days until graduation, if you are like most anesthetists in training.    But, you have a relatively short period of

7 Tips to Help you Fly Carry On Only Like a Boss

Wether you are flying for an anesthesia school interview, a residency interview, or flying out to North Carolina for the Applied Exam, flying with carry on luggage is the way to go.  You have enough to worry about without having the

Get the Most Out of Your Pediatric Anesthesia Rotation

Part of your anesthesiology training is devoted to the care of pediatric patients.  Some of you will go on to either complete a fellowship in pediatric anesthesiology or decide to work full time in pediatric anesthesia.  Or you may decide to

How to Study Anesthesia On The Move

Gone are The Days of Lectures When you were in medical school or anesthesia school, you had dedicated classroom time.  This gave you the ability to attend lectures, study for exams, and learn about medicine and/or anesthesia. Most of your

The 3 Basic Anesthesiology Books You Have to Choose From

The 3 Basic Anesthesiology Books You Have to Choose From You are exited to get started on your way towards learning the craft of anesthesiology.  You can’t wait to get into the operating room (OR) and start doing really learning

Top 7 Anesthesia Books for Trainees

The Top 7 Anesthesiology Books for Anesthesia Trainees Welcome to your anesthesiology training! As you have already figured out, there are an endless number of anesthesia books available to you. Your program may have required books, recommended books, or just