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anesthesia made easy final coverAs you start out in your career in anesthesiology, consider Anesthesia Made Easy.  The reason I wrote Anesthesia Made Easy was because the basic anesthesia books are just too big and have too much information for the new anesthesia trainee.   Anesthesia Made Easy is part textbook and one part survival guide …  it is the high yield book that will get you started building your career.

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Why you need this book:

Most introductory anesthesia books are too long and too complex. Where do you begin learning about anesthesia when the basic books are over 800 pages long and weigh four pounds? Even when you do read these books, how will you translate the information into something you can use in the operating room when you are first starting out?

Welcome to Anesthesia Made Easy.
I wrote this book to introduce you to anesthesiology. It is part education guide (to teach you the basics of anesthesia) and part survival guide (to teach you how to apply these basics while in the operating room). It includes the basics of anesthesia without getting too far into the weeds and also gives you a practical approach that will get you started moving in the right direction.

New anesthesiology students struggle with which book to read and where to start. This book will give you not only a solid foundation upon which to start your career but also organize the information in such a way that you can actually use it. At under 200 pages, it is the one basic anesthesia book that you can reasonable read cover to cover quickly.

  • anesthesia made easy final coverIf you are doing anesthesia observations or shadowing to see if anesthesia is a good fit for you, you should start with chapter 1, “How to Get the Most from Your Anesthesiology Observation.” Then read chapter 4, “Anesthesiology Basic Concepts,” and chapter 5, “Getting Around in the OR,” to learn the culture of the OR—they will bring you a long way.
  • If you are applying to AA or CRNA school, then read this book cover to cover before you interview. It will give you a working knowledge of the type of training you will receive. It may also help you in your interview process to give you answers to simple questions about anesthesia care.
  • If you are an airway rotator, concentrate on chapter 19, “Airway Exam and Evaluation,” chapter 7, “Basic Anesthesia Pharmacology: Medications,” and chapter 24 “Adult Airway Management,” chapter 25 “Pediatric Airway Management,” and chapter 27 “Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI).”
  • If you are on your first anesthesia rotation, start at the front of Anesthesia Made Easy and work your way through before you start your rotation. This book is meant to be a quick read. Bring the book with you to the operating room and take notes in the notes section.

Table of Contents (Abbreviated)

1. Getting the Most from Your Anesthesiology Observation 13
2. What You Should Learn on Your First Anesthesiology Rotation 15
3. How to Study Anesthesiology 17
4. Anesthesiology Basic Concepts 19
5. Getting Around in the OR 27
6. Basic Anesthesia Pharmacology: Vapors and Gases 33
7. Basic Anesthesia Pharmacology: Medications 37
8. Benzodiazepines and Reversal 43
9. Induction Medications 44
10. Pain Medications and Reversals 48
11. Neuromuscular Blocking Medications and Reversals 54
12. Autonomic Nervous System Medications 60
13. Vasoactive Medications (“Pressors”) 65
14. Antihypertensives 68
15. Common Antibiotics 69
16. Common Local Anesthetics 70
17. Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) 71
18. Preoperative Anesthesia H&P 74
19. Airway Exam and Assessment 81
20. Presenting Your Patient to Your Staff or Preceptor 83
21. Anesthesia Machine and Monitors 85
22. Setting Up Your Room 91
23. Common Adult Setup at Teaching Hospitals 97
24. Adult Airway Management 100
25. Pediatric Airway Management 112
26. Advanced Airways 121
27. Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) 123
28. Putting It All Together—A Case Example 125
29. Regional Anesthesia 129
30. Obstetric Anesthesia 137
31. Malignant Hyperthermia 147
32. On Your Own for the First Time 151
33. Your Pregnancy and Your Anesthesia / Airway Rotation 169
34. Anesthesia Resources 174

Epilogue 175
About the Author 176
Common Abbreviations 177
References 179

anesthesia made easy final cover

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