Anesthesiology Boards Made EasyIntroducing Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy: A physician’s step by step guide to make your board preparation successful.

Why Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy?

When you became an anesthesiology resident, no one told you that you would have a full time job as an anesthesiology resident learning your craft AND be a full time student getting ready for more exams. It’s great you are getting a paycheck for your work, but you still need to study for yet another set of board exams. Trying to balance these two roles is difficult when there is so much to learn and only so much time. Since these exams will cost you both time and money, you will want to only have to take them once.

With such a high stakes game, where do you begin? This insider’s strategy guide will show you how to successfully pass your exams and become Board Certified. You have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a college degree, a medical degree, and for the extensive training you have taken so far to get you where you are now.  As with any game, there are objectives, goals, strategy, tactics, skills, knowledge, and luck.   Most residents use knowledge and luck to pass the boards.

In this book, I will give you a road map to explain how the boards work, how to make your studying more efficient and less painful, and how to prepare for the most challenging exam of your career: The dreaded Applied Exam. (It is a 70 minute oral exam void of multiple choice questions given to you by experts in the field of anesthesiology. Some of the oral board examiners wrote the very books you will study to take the exam.)  I will teach you the strategy, tactics and skills to be a boarded anesthesiologist.

With the integrated approach presented in this book, Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy will not only help you learn the material for the Boards, it will also help you become a better anesthesiologist as well.

Section One: The Game

Chapter 1: Playing the Game of Becoming a Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Chapter 2: The Objective of The Game

Section Two: Doing Well on Your Written Exams

Chapter 3: Anesthesia Knowledge: Mastering the Exams

Chapter 4: General Guidelines for Doing Well on Your Exams

Chapter 5: The Strategy/Tactics/Skills of Written Exam Preparation

Chapter 6: Studying for the Advanced Exam After Graduation

Section Three: Graduating from Residency

Chapter 7: Learn the Rules to Graduate from Residency

Chapter 8: The Strategies / Tactics of Graduating from Residency

Chapter 9: Skills to Graduate from Residency

Section Four: Passing Your Applied Exam

Chapter 10: Learning to Play A New Game

Chapter 11: The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) Rules

Chapter 12: OSCE Strategies, Tactics, and Expectations

Chapter 13: OSCE Skills You Need to Learn

Chapter 14: The Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) Rules

Chapter 15: SOE Strategies, Tactics, and Expectations

Chapter 16: SOE Skills You Need to Learn

Chapter 17: Achieve Key Targets for Your SOE

Chapter 18: Top 7 Applied Examinee Mistakes

Chapter 19: Tactics to Help you Communicate with the Applied Examiners

Chapter 20: Tactics to Help you Hack Your Applied Exam

Chapter 21: High Yield Final Review Information

Chapter 22: Travel Guide for the Applied Exam

Chapter 23: The Day You Take the Exam

Chapter 24: Luck

Section Five: Year by Year Check Lists

Chapter 25: Checklist for Your CB Year (Intern Year)

Chapter 26: Checklist for the Advanced Resident

Chapter 27: Checklist for Your CA-1 Year

Chapter 28: Checklist for your CA-2 Year

Chapter 29: Checklist for your CA-3 Year

Final Thoughts

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